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November All Guilds Meeting

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Here we are again for the summary of the All Guilds Meeting of November.

It wasn't a meeting full of news, but for sure it was a meeting full of questions and talking.

The Chat logs can be downloaded here: Raw and Cleansed


Annabelle: As some of you may have noticed Annabelle published her first set of Marker Games which take place in Ae'gura. This first set of marker games contains 35 quests. A second release is being planned which will include 23 quests and is set to take place in Ahnonay, Teledahn as well as some other Ages. In addition a third release will include 18 quests set in one Age. The location of this release is being kept secret. There are 4 other releases that will take place after. One release for December, January, February and March.

Guild of Messengers: The recent events of the CAVCON party have been a huge success. The donations have brought the CAVCON meter back up to level 4. This means that donations are covering expenses and a reserve fund is being built by Cyan. A special thanks has been extended to adi, Gahlen and Kaelis Ebonrai for coming up with the initial idea,  and to the Grey Hats and all the D'niJ's for making it possible. On the day of the party an email was sent to Chogon both to let him know about the party and let Cyan in general know that explorers are still supporting them; the News the GoMe has got about the new developments came with the reply to that email. Chogon is going to make improvements to MOULa, including fixes from fans. We need to keep donations going so we can keep CAVCON level at 4.
The GoMe magazine is late but is still being worked on. The layout is finished but the articles still need work. Hopefully the magazine can be published soon. Lunanne, the editor, is looking for some comics and puzzles to include so if you are interested please contact her. The new email is: cavernpostATguildofmessengersDOTcom this will go directly to her.

More News: On the same day of the CAVCON party Chogon, with the collaboration of the team and the H'Uru team, has updated the license and now everyone who wants to create a MOUL shard will legally be able to distribute a compiled copy of the CWE client. The GoW has already published their official compiled client, informations  can be found on the MOULa forums. New versions of the Plasma plugin (used to create Ages in 3D Studio Max) have also been published by the Guild of Writers. Cyan previously only had a plugin for 3D Studio Max 7 but now, thanks to the GoW, a compatible plugin is available for 3DSMax 2010, 2011, and 2012 (it is still being tested for bugs). During the meeting there were a lot of questions about all of this and someone asked if it was possible to make a meeting with the Guild of Writers to clear their doubts and questions. The GoW has been informed of this and probably they will organize a meeting soon.

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